The Wonders of Ben Wa Balls

The Ben Wa balls are used for their benefits on women’s health and pleasure. Historically the egg Yoni is made of Crystal Jade or others and this practice was not within the reach of everyone but rather reserved for Queens and women of the Royal family. The Yoni also means temple, it is a sacred feminine practice that honors sexuality and sees the vagina as a temple.

Today Ben Wa balls are more and more used around the world, women emancipate and blossom more and more sexually, and this subject “taboo” becomes trendy. They are composed of two balls connected to each other, they measure 3.5 to 5 cm and weigh between 25 and 50 grams. How much do duotone Ben Wa balls cost? Check out the online selling websites for best deals.

But then what exactly is the use of Ben Wa balls and how to use them?

You’ve probably heard of post-delivery pelvic floor re-education, which involves getting your perineum and your muscles regularly. Ben Wa balls will make you do the same exercises while being inside your vagina. Whether you use one or two balls, you will have the choice between different sizes and weights. These balls have many advantages:

  • Tones the perineum after childbirth or surgery
  • Allows controlling urinary leakage, incontinence and prolapsing (organ descents).
  • To increase one’s pleasure, the balls of Ben Wa would cause the construction of new nerves, which would increase the sensations and the pleasure (to the point of becoming a fountain woman?)
  • Reconnects with its femininity and sexuality
  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • Helps to improve the amount of vaginal secretion (natural lubrication)
  • Harmonize your energy
  • Facilitates menopausal intercourse
  • Help with post-traumatic symptoms of sexual abuse
  • Helps facilitate childbirth (under the guidance of his doctor)

Sometimes the results are felt after only one week of practice see a day for some woman. Ben Wa balls will dramatically improve your sex life and your partner will quickly realize it. You will be more comfortable with your perineum and embrace your sexual energy. You will be able to contract your muscles by having something to “catch” which will facilitate the exercises and strengthen your muscles. This article from about muscular endurance exercises might also be a good read for you.

How to use the Ben Wa balls

Sterilization: Before the first use it is important to sterilize your Ben Wa balls and then do it from time to time in order to be sure to maintain a good hygiene and not to catch infections.

To do this, boil some water, pour the water into a glass container and soak the Ben Wa balls for about ten minutes. You can add lavender essential oil and Himalayan Salt to the water to purify your Ben Wa balls. There’s more you can learn about ben wa balls here.

Tie your Ben Wa balls:

If you’re Ben Wa balls are not provided with a stand;

  • Buy dental floss without taste or color,
  • Cut a piece of the length of your arm,
  • Fold it in half and pass it through the ball,
  • Then pass the thread in the loop.

Your Ben Wa balls are now safe. You can use this thread to remove the ball from your vagina until you get into the habit of doing it using your perineum by simply pushing.

Ben Wa balls: How to wear your Ben Wa balls

Keep the ball in your underwear to keep it at the same temperature of your body. When you are ready to relax, lie down to relax and massage your chest, then reconnect with your Ben Wa balls and place them at the entrance to your vagina by gently moving them in circular motions on your vulva.

Do not force the balls to come in, wait until your body slowly opens to accommodate the Ben Wa balls. If you suffer from vaginal dryness, you can use Organic Coconut Oil to lubricate this part of your body. Never force, take your time so that your body accepts the Ben Wa balls.

Just wearing Ben Wa balls will not give you an orgasm unless you caress it yourself. So you can wear them in your daily life without experiencing uncomfortable situations. That said your body will be much more inclined to pleasure, you may feel a deeper breathing and sensitivity.

How to choose your Ben Wa balls?

There are several sizes of Ben aa balls and several weights ranging from 25 grams to 50 grams. Regarding size, the first choice would be to start with the smaller one to get used to the sensations, yet it depends more on your body and how you feel about the size and weight of the egg. The cord or son will allow you to remove it, you can also push the Ben Wa balls out with the help of your muscles to make them out.

When standing the balls will not fall on their own, they are held by your body, and your muscles. They will move up and down according to your movements and contraction of your muscles. There are balls of Ben Wa rubber but also crystal those are recommended for their benefits:

  • Pink Quartz for example is very pure and is associated with love, compassion, forgiveness, romance, intimacy, and unconditional love.
  • Amethyst is associated with creativity, serenity, intuition, and self-awareness.

Jade stone is the most used for its benefits of well being, wealth, and against fertility, it harmonizes thoughts, body and spirit. Porous materials such as wood are discouraged because they do not clean well. Remember that the best thing to do before using Ben Wa balls is to prepare your body to lubricate naturally by massaging your breasts, legs, and clitoris.

Carry the egg against your skin to warm it up and gently let it enter your vagina by turning it to enter it by breathing more and more deeply, your Ben wa balls will be sucked into your vagina and will take place. For a more experienced practice, there are weights that you can attach to the cord or wire that allow you to muscle more advantage and discover different sensations.