Why do men stop treatment for erectile dysfunction?

A new study published in the journal IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal in March 2020 reports the most common reasons why men stop their treatment for erectile dysfunction. The most common reasons were that the treatment did not work, cost too much, or had unacceptable side effects. Loss of interest in sexual relationships was another primary reason.

Sex toy sales triple during New Zealand’s coronavirus lockdown

They were warned by the officials against stockpiling toilet paper or flour. But that’s not all New Zealanders have been hoarding, according to the nation’s largest retailer of sex toys, which said sales of its products tripled after Jacinda Ardern announced a month-long lockdown of the country.

Setting the record straight: Indigenous STIs and sexual abuse

Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are being discouraged from seeking medical help due to public assumptions that sexually transmissible infections are the result of sexual abuse.

Global sex toy sales get big boost from pandemic

Sex toy sales are expected to steadily rise in the coming years. The forecast for global sex toy sales looked strong even before the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, with people self-isolating at home to limit the spread of the coronavirus until there is a cure, what does one do to spice up your sex life – with or without a partner – amid all this extra free time?

Communication key in open relationships

Does an open relationship actually make sense, is today’s hot question, it seems, judging from a report in the Journal of Sex Research by a team of researchers from the University of Rochester. The only answer they got was that it depends – not unsurprisingly, on how well the ‘partners’ in such a relationship knew each other’s intentions and were okay with them.

The health benefits of sex toys

The global sex toy industry is worth more than $15 billion a year and research suggests that almost half the British population admit to owning at least one product. We go beyond the pleasure principle to examine the health benefits of sex toys.

Oldies who have sex happier and healthier, says new study

Who says sex is just for younger people? A new study gives this popular belief the lie, showing that while older people may have less frequent sex, it is still important for their happiness and physical health. Neither do they lack the motivation or physical capability, as many think.

Surprising Ways Sex Toys Can Improve Your Sex Life

If you are trying to add new things into your bedroom routine and not sure where to begin, adding a sex toy can be a great way to help increase desire and sexual satisfaction between you and your partner. Whether you are looking to discover new ways to connect or want to try something a bit different, here are surprising ways using a sex toy can improve your sex life.

Individual’s premarital views about uncommitted sex may put marriages at risk

An individual’s premarital views about uncommitted sex may make it more difficult to remain blissfully married, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.