Mastering The Insertion of Yoni Eggs

Pelvic floor training is an important addition to general fitness training and back exercises and is an effective aid in female urinary incontinence and anorgasmia. Geisha balls help to minimize pelvic floor training time and improve training efficiency. The right training not only improves the “vaginal awareness”, but ideally also the self-confidence. Women can thus find a new source of strength and well-being in their bodies. The pelvic floor serves as a support for the internal organs. It is therefore not surprising that a trained pelvic floor muscles also affects posture. An upright posture and a flatter stomach are promoted during regular training.

How to bring in and out the geisha ball?

To facilitate the insertion of the balls, first wet them with saliva. Lie comfortably on your back and bend your legs. With one hand you pull the labia apart so that your vagina opens easily. Hold the balls in the other hand with one ball in the palm of your hand and the second ball between your thumb and forefinger. Now hold the ball between your thumb and forefinger directly in front of the entrance to the vagina and insert the first ball with gentle pressure and turning. Is the slight resistance of the sphincter overcome, the bullet glides naturally into the inner vaginal area. For the yoni eggs while sleeping this is the perfection of the deals.

Now insert the second ball using the same technique. By inserting the second ball, the previously inserted ball is automatically pushed deeper into the inside of the sheath. The chain with the small ball should now hang out. If you now hold the little ball at the end of the chain and pull it, the balls will start to vibrate. This causes intense muscle contractions and optimal training of the PC musculature. Since the rolling of the balls is noticeable in quiet rooms, it is advisable to choose a suitable environment for the intensive training.

You should work out about 30 minutes a day. To remove the balls, ideally squat down with your legs slightly apart. Now carefully pull on the chain and press out the balls with the vaginal muscles. If you pull only on the chain, the sphincter will try to prevent the balls from sliding out by a reflex. Now carefully pull on the chain and press out the balls with the vaginal muscles. If you pull only on the chain, the sphincter will try by a reflex to prevent the balls from sliding out. Now carefully pull on the chain and press out the balls with the vaginal muscles. If you pull only on the chain, the sphincter will try by a reflex to prevent the balls from sliding out.

See this article that talks about loose vagina and how to tighten up.

How to determine the appropriate size?

At this point, we draw on experience gained over 25 years. A hundred percent accurate formula to find the right size, there is not. It is therefore necessary to make the right choice by feeling and trying out. Important clues for decision-making are:

  1. Women up to the age of 30, who have not yet born children, we recommend the geisha balls with a diameter of 40mm.
  1. For women who have given birth Geisha balls with a diameter of 45mm are recommended.

Visit this link to find the perfect one for you. If you have made your choice and are not satisfied, you can return the balls to us within 14 days, if they are without damage, to exchange them. Contact us by phone or e-mail and let us advise you. A friendly and intensive care of our customers is very important to us, precisely because choosing the right size for the success of the therapy is so important.

Hygiene, care and cleaning

Due to the smooth, polished surface of the balls, the care and cleaning of the balls is unproblematic. After use, place the balls in a lukewarm water bath with a few drops of detergent and leave them for a few minutes. Then rub the surface of the balls with a soft cloth. The interstices of the chain can be cleaned with a toothbrush. Finally, carefully dry the geisha balls with a soft cloth. Make sure that all traces of body fluids or the lubricant you have used are removed, to avoid bacteria formation by dried on residues. If the silver surface starts, polish them with a simple silver cleaning cloth. The geisha balls shine again in full glory. You should use chemical silver cleaners do not use. For storage, it is recommended to use a closable and washable container.

Warnings and Contraindications

Basically, the application of Geisha balls at your own risk. The items listed are a guide for you to protect you from interference.

  • A worsening of the state of health through the use of geisha balls is to be expected in case of or in acute diseases of the vagina, for example, vaginitis, vaginitis, herpes, fungal infections or other infectious diseases and therefore not advisable.
  • After a birth or pelvic operation, the geisha balls should not be used for a period of 6 weeks, as wound healing may be impaired. If in doubt, please ask your doctor.
  • In case of deterioration of health during the treatment of incontinence, please consult your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant, please confidently consult your gynecologist to avoid any possible complications.

Incompatibilities with regard to the metal used, for example in allergies, are to be foreseen from use. Should you be aware of an intolerance or allergy, please contact us with confidence and inform yourself on our website about alternative precious metals. We are happy to advise you.

  • When a coil is used as a contraceptive, impairments of efficacy are not yet known.
  • If a diaphragm or an intrauterinepeccary is used as a contraceptive device, it is not recommended to use the geisha balls.

In addition, contractions of the affected muscles can be intensified by rapid, repeated pulling on the chain. The PC muscle is trained more effectively. Consequently, one could consider the geisha balls as a dumbbell for the pelvic floor. This is the same as in the gym. The more frequent and regular training, the greater the success and the resulting motivation of the wearer. It is advantageous that they can be worn at any time, without affecting the user’s schedule. This temporal economy should not be ignored. The Geisha balls are therefore a perfect complement to physiotherapeutic measures and seen as a conservative supplement to surgical or drug treatments. Through the interaction of these components, an optimal result can be achieved.