Keeping Urethral Sounding Safe and Enjoyable

Sounding is a skill that is mainly learned by doing it. It may therefore be that the first time it does not quite succeed. No worries! With the use of lubricants for urethral sounding you will find that insertion becomes easier and easier as you try more often.

See this article from common lube mistakes for you to avoid one.


Provide a sterile and well-cleaned sound beforehand. You can clean the sound with some alcohol to get rid of any bacteria and mold. Wash the genitals with hot water. Check the sound even more on sharp edges to prevent possible damage. Then take a comfortable position and carefully spread the opening of the penis. If necessary, you can withdraw the foreskin. Choose any lubricant to facilitate insertion. You can apply lubricant in the urethra, at the opening of your glands and at the end of the dilator. Make sure you do not use too much lubricant. The insertion may otherwise become slippery, which reduces the grip on the sound.

The insertion

Now it’s time to bring in the dilator. Do this while the penis is in flaccid condition. When inserting, hold the penis straight up, at a 90 degree angle from the body. Then push in the sound about a thumb width. Then carefully insert the rest of the sound. Due to gravity it tends to slide inwards. Therefore, try to guide this yourself and never push the sound too hard. Once the dilator has been inserted, stretch the penis by holding it at the top. The urethra is stretched in this way.

Pay attention! The introduction of a dilator requires a different technique. After inserting an inch width, change the angle of the penis by 45 degrees and let the penis gradually rise again.

Remove and aftercare

Are you ready to reach a climax? Always remove the penis plug or dilator in time to prevent your sperm from going anywhere unless you have opted for a hollow penis plug of course. Do this slowly and carefully. Then clean the dilator with warm water and antibacterial soap. Clean it further with alcohol as sterile as possible. Sounds of surgical steel can be burned out to kill bacteria. Always keep the dilator in a protective cover until the next use. Drink plenty of water to flush the bladder well. It may be that urination afterwards feels a bit burning, possibly with a little blood. If this persists, or if you suspect an infection, consult your doctor.

The dilator is originally a surgical instrument with which the urethra can be penetrated. This is used in the medical world for medical problems on the urethra. The dilators found at Sex shop City have no medical end, but are used to stretch and stimulate the urethra. Dilators are covered by BDSM toys and are regularly used during BDSM and bondage games.

 How do you use a dilator?

If you want to use a dilator, this is often a deeply cherished wish. Many men who use a dilator have a preference for hard and painful forms of sex. But how do you use a dilator? Below you will find some tips if you want to use a dilator.

  1. Make sure you are relaxed and cannot be disturbed. Lie down on your back and provide a position in which you can best insert the dilator.
  2. Wash your penis with warm water and soap, then dry the penis with a clean towel.
  3. Do you have a dilator set? Then put the different dilators ready, so you do not have to search when you’re busy.
  4. The dilator can best bring you in with your good hand, are you left? Then do it with your left hand.
  5. Pull back the foreskin and spread the opening of your penis.
  6. If you want to use lubricant is possible, just pay attention that you do not use too much lubricant.
  7. Insert the dilator into a flaccid penis. This also applies to removal; there is a chance of infection if you have an erect penis.
  8. Remove the dilator and clean it with a toy cleaner or water with mild soap.

Buying dilators

Do you want to buy a dilator? Sex shop has many different dilators; besides the standard dilator we also offer dilator packages and dilators with vibration. View the best deals in our BDSM shop for not only dilators, but many other sm sex toys. The dilator is pre-eminently a men’s sex toy!

For the urethral game use a penis plug, sound or catheter. The urethral game means that objects are placed in the urethra and sometimes also bladder. The use of penis plug and sounds is often associated with the BDSM scene. This involves control and dominance. But with a penis plug for example, you can also have sex. For the submissive form, the idea of ??having no control over the bladder and urethra can be psychologically a huge trip.

For most people the idea of ??the urethral game is repulsive and dangerous. Experience teaches us that opinions about this will also differ in time. This is only one of a series of sex tips.

For the urethral game the following sex toys are available: The penis plug of which we have many models. The sound is usually a long massive curved bar that is inserted into the shaft. And lastly, the catheter is a sex toy which is often inserted into the bladder. Catheters are often made of plastic or latex and can also have a small balloon at the end. This is then inflated to remove the freedom of decision about urination. The penis plug is, like the sound, often bent to follow the natural shape of the penis. The straight sounds and plugs force the ureter to follow them. The sensation or pain is therefore also greater and according to lustplugs, penis sounding toys (like here) can help with a man’s libido.

Guidelines for safe sex play

Do not use drugs that can dampen the sensation. It is dangerous and you do not know where your limit lies. Use water-based lubricant to insert the sex toys. Do not use a lubricant that contains nonoxynol-9 or a taste. This can irritate the urinary leader. Oil-based lubricants are not the lubricant of your choice. It is difficult to get out of the body when you’re done. Make sure that everything you use is clean and sterile. Never use a non-sterilized catheter. Stimulate urination after using a penis plug or sound. This helps to clean the urethra. Residues, dirt and other small bacteria can then go outside. Even in hospital circumstances, infections are not uncommon. If you get an infection, immediately go to the doctor. For every sex game you experience this with a partner you trust.

Never put liquids in the bladder.

Be careful and do not let go of the sound when you insert it. If the sound is fully inserted into the urethra and you lose grip, do not panic and relax. The sound will return automatically. Be aware that the urethral game, regardless of how careful you are, irritates the urethra. So if you then have sex with penetration or oral sex, use a condom.

After playing

When you have finished playing it is essential that you urinate this to remove excess bacteria from the urethra. Wash your penis and the hole after playing.

What is a bit of urethra play is that it can be a little tingling and painful while urinating. This happens because you have been working on your urethra. This can take a few hours to a few days. It may mean that you have been too enthusiastic about your games. To remedy this, make sure that you drink a lot of water. Make sure the burning feeling is gone before you start playing again. Do it a bit slower next time and use more lubricant.